Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chicken Balls ala Aaron Grover

For our Sunday dinner, I planned on preparing a bacon-wrapped chicken dish that I saw on 30 minute meals. Bacon? Chicken stuffed with cheese and garden-fresh basil? It sounded like it would be an instant hit with Aaron. As a vegetarian, I don't enjoy handling raw meat, so I enlisted Aaron's help to stuff the chicked with the cheese/herb mixture. I gave Aaron explicit instructions on carving the chicken in such a way as to create a pocket for the filling without causing any leakage...but Aaron's knife skills seem to be lacking. After puncturing the chicken breast (not part of the instructions), he opted to try and "butterfly" the chicken. This turned out to be a disaster...instead of carving a small pocket, Aaron masterfully butchered the chicken to bits. I was completely grossed out at this point and suggested that he just toss the chicken and start fresh with a second peice but Aaron was determined to prove his culinary skills. Using his ingenuity, Aaron smashed the bacon-wrapped, cheese covered mess, into a ramiken and threw it in the oven. 45 minutes later...voila! One chicken ball coming right up! Aaron was so pleased with himself and his final product. He turned the chicken out of the ramiken and it held the shape of a molded ball. Mmmm. He savored every bite, insisted it was delicious, and is talking about making his new chicken creation for dinner again. Anyone want the recipe?


Maria Grover said...

Heh - that's awesome! Tim and I laughed so hard when we read that. I'm not a vegetarian, but I must confess that the massive bacon-covered ball does not very look appetizing -- no offense Aaron. Good luck on your next creation though!

The Farmer Family said...

What a funny story. Aaron sounds very proud of himself. You should let him cook for himself more often. So do you have to make him a seperate meal every night because you are a vegetarian?