Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Walks

I love, love taking an evening walk. I love the temperature as the sun is beginning to set and it begins to cool down after a hot day. I love strolling through the neighborhood and taking in the scenes of family life around me; kids riding bikes and neighbors socializing on the sidewalks. I love taking in the fresh air and enjoying the feeling of my body in motion. My love for these evening walks must be rubbing off on the boys because they fight over who gets to come with me. They love having my undivided attention and I love the opportunity to connect with them and treat it as an 'individual council' moment. On this walk, Max and I found ourselves at the park and stopped to sit on the grass and visit. I used the time to discuss Max's upcoming birthday and teach him about baptism. I cherish this time that Max and I spent together, sharing with him my testimony and teaching him about the baptismal ordinance. I love the moments that we spent together, holding hands, and talking about life. 

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