Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hawaii Vacation, Day 1

This day was long awaited and much anticipated. Max had literally written down in his notebook a minute by minute itinerary for our vacation, including each detail like passing through airport security, picking out our treats at the gift shop, and checking in at the gate. To say that the boys were excited would be an understatement. 

Our first order of business upon our arrival was hitting up one of our favorite food spots near the airport. Honestly, I scarfed it down too fast to even enjoy it much. Now that it's over, I'm wishing I would have savored it a bit longer. Next time. 

We didn't waste much time before heading to the pool--a swim for the boys and a nap under the palm trees for Aaron. 

We officially went off the clock and lost track of all time while relaxing at the pool. It was heavenly. As the sun began to set, we wondered out of the pool area to explore the beach. The sunset was spectacular--the depth of the colors as the sun touched down on the horizon was simply stunning. To share the scenery with three of my favorite people was bliss. 

Hank and Max couldn't get enough of the ocean. The rolled in it, jumped in it, dived into it and ran away from it. I loved being able to watch their first experience with a warm beach. 

The boys would have played in the water all night, but we finally pulled them out at dark to watch the hotel's firework show--a fancy way to celebrate our arrival to the island and the conclusion of a pretty amazing first day of our vacation. 

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