Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fourth of July, Part 2

After a family barbecue at Nana and Papa's house with Aaron's cousin Devon and her family, we broke out the fireworks. The pop-it's and sparklers are always a big hit, but this year's firework display included our first experience with aerials. The boys had fun selecting the order of the fireworks and taking turns lighting them, but we had a moment of excitement when one aerial knocked itself over and shot rockets straight towards us! Besides a few scorch marks in the lawn, all ended well and we learned a valuable lesson about firework safety. 

Perhaps now more than ever before, I feel acutely grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in our country and for the many sacrifices made to secure those freedoms. With society and morals in seeming decay, I sometime question my own patriotism, but as I reflected on the great heritage of our nation, I gained a greater love for this country. God bless America!

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