Monday, November 2, 2015

Put that in your pipe!

I'm mailing copies of Ben's first kindergarten assessment out to every doctor who told us we should 'consider his quality of life,' 'the milestones only get harder,' and that his development 'is like kicking a puppy.' In case you can't tell from the picture, Ben recognizes all upper and lowercase letters, knows the corresponding letter sounds, identifies his shapes and colors, counts to 30, and knows upwards of 100 sight words. Of course he battles challenges every day, but he is not just passing kindergarten, he is excelling! He is easily the hardest working kindergartener out there, spending several hours outside of school each day working on flash cards, phonics games on the computer, reading books, and practicing letter formation and writing. His perseverance and hard work is paying off! I am so proud of him I could burst!

If Ben has come this far in five years, I can't imagine what he'll accomplish in the next five. Go Ben!

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