Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Baby is 2!

Rocky must be the most well loved 2 year old. He is and will always be my baby; I unapologetically spoil him rotten with extra love and attention. He has his dad wrapped around his finger and his brothers all smother him with excessive....we'll call it, "love." He completes our family and we all adore him. 

Rocky is very verbal and likes to repeat everything he hears his brothers say, especially anything choice phrase that gets a reaction from mom and dad. I know Rocky is officially two because he has started using phrases like, "mySELF!" and "why?" alllllll the time. Rocky is fairly even tempered--he's learned to just go with the flow in the chaos in our family. If he gets scolded he starts looking for his blankie right away to get comfort. He is playful, mischievous, affectionate, smart, and spunky. He likes to eat fruit, yogurt, and meat and pretty much throws everything else onto the floor. I can't really think of any toys that he shows an interest in--he just likes to be outside and be in the mix with his brothers. Rocky is a joy in our family and we love him to bits.

We kept his birthday festivities low key. We spent the afternoon at the museum, then met Nana and Papa for dinner at Red Robin and cake and presents after. 

Rocky wasn't very interested in his gifts, but Joey is enjoying all his new toys! Rocky was content with a dum-dum sucker that I let him pick out for a birthday treat at the store.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

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