Thursday, October 29, 2015


We have a firm "no-retakes" policy in our family....which we promptly disregarded the moment Hank brought home this beaut of a school picture:

When I picked Hank up after school and asked him how the pictures went, he gave me the disclaimer that he thought the photographer snapped the picture while he was still "getting ready," so I thought I had been given notice that the photo this year might not be a framer, but I really couldn't have been prepared for the psycho expression on his face. It's not going over the mantel, but it does give me a laugh every time I look at it.

Max's picture turned out cute, so at least we came out 1 for 3 on school pictures. 

The night before pictures, I went to the grocery store specifically for the purpose of buying hair gel so that the boys would look their best on picture day. The morning of picture day I made sure to style each of them with a cute 'wave' in front. As soon as I picked Ben up after school I knew his picture would be a flop--the good for nothing hair gel just turned Ben's hair into a limp, sweaty-looking mess. 
I happen to think these boys are the handsomest little dudes on the planet...unfortunately they just inherited my non-photogenic gene.

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