Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!

One ward party, one trick or treat at the outlets, one trunk or treat at Nana's house, and one trick or treat around the neighborhood, times five trick or treaters, equals an obscene amount of candy!

In one night of trick or treating we lost any ground that we'd made over the last two years in teaching Rocky manners. I think a better way to describe Rocky's understanding of trick or treating would be to call it, "take-other-people's-candy-day." Once he discovered that everyone was carrying a bag full of candy, and it was beyond him to differentiate who was passing it out and who was a fellow trick or treater, he just started putting his hand into any bag he could reach. My instruction to "just take one," had no effect on his fixation with filling his little hands with candy. 

Ben really enjoyed the trick or treating experience this year, too. Thankfully, the weather cooperated so he didn't have rain and wind to contend with. Whereas last year Ben could take or leave the candy, this year Ben made it his mission to gather as many m&ms as possible. 

My little Seattle Mariner and Seahawk could have stayed out all night, but I assured them we'd collected plenty. 

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