Friday, November 27, 2015

Go Falcons!

Two weekends ago Max finished up his baseball season with a tournament in St. George. It was awesome to watch Max pull himself out of his hitting slump (he seems to have had some confusion and thought getting walked was the safe bet) and crack a few hits. His team played in an older division and came away with 3rd place, so it was a great team experience. Max has so much natural talent; I'm excited to watch him continue to develop over the next few years with this team. 

This trip was a little (or a lot) tainted by a mass stomach flu outbreak. I spent much of the trip babysitting sickies at the hotel room--scrubbing the carpet, washing laundry, and bathing sick babies. As soon as Max's last game ended, we hit the road and couldn't have been more happy to leave that hotel room behind.

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