Monday, November 2, 2015

One-on-one time

One of the things that I struggle with most in having 5 kids so close together in age is feeling spread so thin. One-on-one time is a rare commodity. I think back on the type of mother that I was when I only had Hank and Max--taking them to the local nursery to learn about different plant species, and using leaves we'd gathered to create craft projects--and feel a little guilty that I've had to streamline many of those 'extras' out of pure necessity. I don't have time to read morning stories in bed with Joey because I've got lunches to pack and kids to get dressed. I can't push Ben on the swings at the park because I've got to shuttle Max to baseball practice and pick up Hank from scouts. So, I savor any opportunity to have one-on-one time, do an enriching activity together, or simply spend time with the boys without having to watch the clock and rush to the next scheduled item on the calendar. When Aaron took the 4 oldest to run an errand one evening, I let Rocky splash and play in the bathtub (poor kid never gets the bathtub all to himself) as long as his little heart desired and just showered him with undivided attention. Having three boys in school this year has been bittersweet: I miss being all together, but I'm also really eager to return to that mom that I used to be. 

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