Monday, November 2, 2015

Mom and Dad for the win!

Oh Aaron! He actually thought that this would be the year that the boys would carve their own pumpkins. Not this year, babe. I cut out the stem, Hank and Max made a few token scrapes with their spoons before they gave up and passed their spoons to Aaron to make quick work of the gutting. But don't worry, because the boys claimed full credit for the work since they sketched the face design while Aaron tediously carved out the little shapes. The things we do for our kids, facilitating the entire activity so they can get that instant gratification of the final product. It's all worth it though to create those family memories, right?! Ben and Joey opted to paint their pumpkins (Joey painted his pepto pink and Ben chose blue). For my contribution, I helped the boys assemble bats made from peanut butter cups and Oreos. 

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