Sunday, February 8, 2015

Christmas Part II: Decorating

Over the years I've developed a love/hate relationship with our Christmas tree. I love to gaze upon the beautiful tree, glowing with white lights and adorned with ornaments gathered and collected over time, but I HATE, well, just about everything else where the tree is concerned. I'm just going to say it: after this year's Christmas Tree shenanigans a pre-lit artificial tree isn't looking so bad...and that's saying something. We gave up on the magical tree farm experience when we left Washington, but you just lose a little something when you back the pick-up up to the Home Depot tree lot and toss in the first tree you find so as to not have to unbuckle the kids from their car seats. 
I would like to extend a challenge to anyone who believes that they possess a happy marriage to attempt to position and center a fresh Christmas tree into a small, wobbly stand and then string millions of strands of lights with temperamental fuses and NOT at least think a few bad words. The tree put up an impressive fight, but after a couple of hours of wrestling with it, Aaron came out victorious! 
Ok, I will add to the "love" side of the equation that I do really enjoy decorating the tree with the boys. It's so fun to see them pick out each of their favorite ornaments and place them carefully on the tree. I love to reminisce as I place each of my kids' school project handprint ornaments, or travel souvenir ornament, or hand-me-down heirloom ornament on our tree...a living display of our family's memories and reminder of our most prized blessings. 

Maybe by next December I'll have forgotten my gripes and only remember this spectacular tree and these happy faces and we'll continue our fresh Christmas Tree tradition. 

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