Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy New Year!

I genuinely thought that this might be the year that we made it to midnight...but we didn't come anywhere close. There is an unfortunate paradox wherein we feed our kids an abundance of junk (in this case a variety of junk dipped in chocolate fondue) in celebration of special occasions, thinking that they will enjoy and appreciate the splurge, but we end up NOT enjoying the celebration at all because their sugar-overload results in such poor behavior that we end up just counting the minutes until bedtime. New Year's Eve was a classic case and point. We had all the best intentions of celebrating all night long with movies and snacks, but it turns out that the boys are chocolate-dipped Oreo lightweights--it was wrestle mania 2014 after just a few rounds. We skipped to the good part--the sparkling cider toast--and called it a night. 

Our movie and treat night didn't pan out the way we planned, but I couldn't ask for a better way to ring in my New Year than beside my best friend.

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