Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas I: Crafting

I guess I bring the craziness upon myself, planning a family activity every night each day through the month of December, but I just want so badly to create special Christmas family memories that it's possible that I may over do it a teeny tiny bit. When I look back on my camera roll, I'm really amazed at how many activities and events that we've squeezed into the first three weeks of December. I've also realized (must be a slow-learner) that even when I plan, prepare, and facilitate a fun-filled activity with the most pure intentions of creating a memorable family moment, chances are high that there will still be fighting (over really important things like who gets to sit in which seat), there will still be fussing and crankiness (even though Aaron means well;) and I will still end up feeling fed up and exasperated by the whole experience. I've finally come to learn that, try as I may (and I do!), I can't make people have a good time, so I just have to go with it. Anyways, I hope in all of the craziness that is my attempt to build tradition the boys will remember all of the time we spent crafting, decorating, partying, and eating....together. 

Christmas I:  Crafting 

Though they be rough and tumble, these boys do enjoy a good craft. First, we made wreath ornaments for the boys to give to their school teachers and primary teachers using beads and pipe cleaners. This activity, using fine motor skills to thread the beads in a patterned sequence, was right up Ben's alley...he enjoyed the activity so much he didn't want to give his wreaths away:)

We dropped the ball on sending out birthday cards, but made up for it by making Christmas cards!

It's interesting how the boys' personalities emerged in their gingerbread house decorating. Hank raced through his decorating haphazardly but felt accomplished for finishing first. Max took his time and paid careful attention to detail but also wanted help to make sure the candied were placed just right. Ben began by sorting out each candy by color and then only applied red candies and was careful not to touch the frosting with his fingers. Joey was hysterical waiting for his house to be constructed--he needed to do the same thing everyone else was doing--but really was only interested in eating the candy, placing a few wet abc candies on his house. 

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