Sunday, December 21, 2014

Teeth Tales

We've got teeth all over the place....teeth falling out, teeth growing in, teeth missing, baby teeth, big teeth, straight teeth, and crooked teeth (dang it!). 

The other day, Max was laying down resting after school. I just happened to walk by and glimpse two bottom teeth growing in. This would have been a cause to celebrate, except his baby teeth were still taking up residence in the same space...and not showing any signs of leaving anytime soon. My imagination immediately envisioned those permanent teeth growing in sideways from being crammed in there, so, poor Max, I threatened to have the dentist yank it out if he didn't wiggle the baby teeth free himself by the end of the day. I guess Max felt motivated by my threat because he started wiggling that tooth this way and that until it was least loose enough for Aaron to yank it out that night. I feel a little guilty that Max's first experience with losing a tooth was so traumatizing, but he'll thank me later when he has a beautiful, straight smile.

Then there is Rocky, who seems to be growing in teeth left and right...literally. He's got some teeth on the left, and some teeth on the right, but missing the one front and center! Soon enough this little smile will fill in, but I'm actually enjoying this quirky little grin right now.

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