Sunday, December 21, 2014

Do Not Try This At Home

If you ever want to get a really good workout, here is a sure-fire way to boost your heart rate and get an immediate adrenaline rush: just put on your workout clothes and head to the gym as usual (in this case the church building for a bi-weekly cardio class) and then frantically dial 9-1-1 and rush by ambulance to the hospital when you're four-year-old unintentionally pulls your baby to the floor, causing the baby to have a seizure and pass out. Instant calorie burn! Seriously, I think the stress of holding a non-breathing, convulsing baby in my arms may have shaved off a few years of my life. Rocky is pretty accustomed to rough play and gets pulled down, wrestled, and/or smothered about 5.2 million times per day, so it's a bit of a mystery how this ordinary chain of events produced such a scary result...I guess Rocky must have knocked his head right on the sweet spot and got knocked out. In any event, we were relieved when his CT came back clear. With a little pain-killer and a big nap this tough guy was good as new!

***Poor thing was M-A-D about getting immobilized in the ambulance, having an oxygen mask put on his face, and getting prodded at by weird doctors. I took this photo after he was finally given a tranquilizer so that he would cooperate with a CT scan.

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