Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rocky is 9 Months!

I can't believe my good fortune to have lucked out with such an even tempered, all around happy, laid back little dude. Rocky loves to be outside and roll around on the grass and try to sneak blades of grass into his mouth when I'm not looking. He is very tolerant of his brothers and neighbor friends who like to carry him around and wave things in his face. No surprise, Rocky measured in at the 98% across the board--98% in height, weight, and head circumference! Rocky is super smiley and will babble when he's in the mood, but he's not super talkative and doesn't give up his belly laughs easily. For now, rolling is his primary mode of transportation, but he's getting himself on all fours and could be crawling any day (look out!). I'm just completely and totally smitten with this sweet babe--they just don't come any better than this little guy!

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