Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cub Scouts

Since I'm basically the antithesis of a scouter, the whole scouting program has always felt so intimidating to me. Now that Hank is 8 and officially a cub scout, I decided that I better get on board or get left I got on board! Although I would much rather bond over something more my style, like cooking or reading, I have actually really enjoyed spending some quality time with Hank as we've worked together on his Wolf achievements. One of his requirements was to learn about tools and build something useful--enter Papa Grover. Papa Grover gave Hank a little woodworking 101 lesson, let Hank practice hammering nails, and showed him how to build a birdhouse (no kit for this guy!). If the scouting program teaches Hank to be respectful, be honest, and learn useful skills, I think I just might hop on the scouting bandwagon yet!

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