Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Father's Day

Just kidding, honey. Kinda ;)

For Father's Day, Aaron got to take the morning off from church meetings and enjoyed his favorite breakfast: eggs benedict.

The boys sang a special song at church, showered Aaron with lots of hugs and kisses, created a few heartfelt tokens and drawings, and helped me present Aaron with his gift: a fire pit!


Hank: "Mike Zunniga has been hitting really good this week. He's been having a good season so far, huh Dad?"

Hank: "Is that Dodge Charger a two-door or a four-door?"

I am so grateful that my sons have a Dad that teaches them everything that I can't. He teaches them about the MLB team ranking system and how to dunk chocolate chip cookies. He teaches them how to operate the lawn mower and how to set up a movie on the AppleTV. He teaches them how to pitch a tent and start a fire and how to tie a necktie. He teaches them how to dive in the swimming pool and throw a spiral with the football. He teaches them to be honest and to work hard. He teaches them how to be a man, how to treat women, how to be a priesthood holder, and how to be a father. 

Thank you, Aaron, for being our sons' hero. Happy Father's Day!

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