Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Man Camp

I asked Hank and Max what their favorite part of the annual Father/Son overnighter was and they said, "doing whatever we wanted to and eating candy for dinner!" Ok then! And that is why I only let Aaron be in charge of the boys one night out of the year!

Ben was super excited to be included in the camping trip this year, but when it came time to walk the walk and sleep outside in the tent, he was very persistent about wanting to go home:

 Immediately after I received the above text, Aaron sent me this picture:

Meanwhile, I enjoyed some park time with my littlest dudes, followed by a leisurely bath (a rare treat for the babies to get to soak and play and not just get in, get scrubbed, and get pulled out).

Once the babies were in bed, I made myself a batch of no-bakes and ate them warm, straight out of the bowl. Gooey treat + cooking channel + peace and quiet = Heaven!

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