Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cowabunga Bay

I've mentioned it before, but our season passes to Cowabunga Bay have been such a fun splurge. With their life jackets on, Hank and Max are trustworthy enough to run free, racing down the water slides and tubing in the lazy river, while the little guys and I stick to the toddler area and play with the sprinklers and fountains. I don't think I could manage supervising five little swimmers in a pool, so I feel lucky to have a waterpark so close that is a little more our speed.

There really isn't anything extraordinary about this picture, but, to me, it captures the essence of our summer together: spending all day together and soaking up as much sunshine as possible. This summer could possibly be my favorite summer since my own childhood. I have felt that magical quality about summertime that I remember from my own youth--late nights spent playing games outside with neighbor kids, hot afternoons spent indoors playing long board games, beating the heat at the pool, the waterpark, or just a hose, and every single day holding an endless opportunity for the creation of fun. I love it. I love these kids. I love the sunshine. I love playing outside. It's magical! I love it all!

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