Friday, August 7, 2015


Looking back over our week spent in Sunriver, Oregon, I can understand why Hank proclaimed it was as much fun as Disneyland. We swam, golfed, miniature golfed, bowled, sled, biked, played pickleball, picnicked, shopped, and had lots of cousin time. 

I have fond memories of vacationing in Sunriver growing up. I remember it being a charming wooded village with miles of interconnected bike trails, parks and rivers to satisfy any outdoor interest, and wildlife so friendly deer and critters would eat out of your hand. It's been several years since I've visited Sunriver, but the resort did not disappoint. While the area has grown in size and popularity considerably, it still has a very quaint, family-friendly feel. Moments after stepping out of our car upon our arrival, I was struck by the woodsy/pine scent that permeates Sunriver. The scent just took me straight back to my childhood days in Sunriver and I was excited to pass on the experience with my kids. 

While the resort was everything I had remembered, our vacation was a little soured when I caught pneumonia the week before our trip and couldn't muster up my usual energy level to participate in everything Sunriver has to offer. I was sidelined for a good part of the trip while poor Aaron was working double duty to make up for my slack. We did our very best to enjoy our vacation and provide the kids with an experience they'll remember....but it was HARD (and I was mostly a spectator!). 

Sunriver has expanded its amenities to include a fun waterpark: 

Between spitting up in our sheets, waking up every single night with a meltdown, and sleeping horizontally between Aaron and I, Rocky was a real treat to sleep with each night.

Aaron and I were pickleball rookies, but had so much fun learning to play! We're ordering our own paddles to take up the sport at home!

Aaron took Hank and Max golfing while I took the little guys for a picnic at the park.

The boys couldn't quite get the hang of being calm and still enough to allow the chipmunks to eat peanuts out of our hands--they'd jump and squeal (and scare the chipmunks away) anytime the critters came close. 

Aaron was too nervous about our adult to kid ratio to do any rafting on this trip, but we did get to walk and bike along the river.

We loved getting to spend time with our cousins. 

Bowling: one of the few activities that work for all of the ages and stages in our family.

Ben thought he was being a goose to roll the ball with his head.

While I went shopping with the girls, Aaron took on the challenge of fishing with the boys. No fish were caught in the fishing trip, but the boys enjoyed the outdoors with Dad. Aaron was rewarded with a boys golf trip the following day.

My most, most favorite part of the trip was biking through the woods with Hank and Max. I'm so glad that towards the end of the trip I felt well enough to ride through the trails and take in the scenery. It's such a simple activity, but so exhilerating at the same time. 

I was sick, Aaron worked like a dog, we didn't sleep much, and the car ride was not the most pleasant...but we can't wait to go back next time. 

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