Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Campers

I was finally initiated into full-fledged camper status when our family joined our good friends for our first ever family overnighter! As excited as we were about the much anticipated adventure, we got off to a rough start from the get-go. The weather was threatening to storm and we couldn't make up our minds if we should reschedule or risk spending the night camping in the rain. At the very last minute we decided to make a go of it and threw all our gear in the pickup in a frenzy. Once we got to the campsite, Aaron was all business. I just tried to steer clear while he got camp set up. Moments after he staked up the tent, the rain came. We took cover and fed the kids a dinner of cereal (Aaron was too paranoid about the safety factor of clumsy little ones + fire to build a fire pit) and hunkered down under our canopy. Awhile later, the rain let up enough to join our friends for s'mores and visiting around their campfire. We called it a night just as the rain really began to pour. Just short of drugging him, we tried everything we could think of to get Rocky to go to sleep. At 3am, we couldn't take the screaming anymore and Aaron took Rocky back home. By the time we awoke, Aaron was already back and getting a breakfast feast grilled up. While Aaron deconstructed the camp, I took our combined 12 kids to the field area for a couple rounds of kickball. When it's all said and done, I can see how camping could be fun in theory, but I think we may wait until Rocky becomes more of a "happy camper" before we attempt camping again. 

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