Sunday, August 9, 2015

Great Grandpa

We made a quick pit stop along our way home to visit Grandpa in Twin Falls. Grandpa is 92; his memory is fading, but he was happy to see us and have our company. I'm not sure what the boys thought of the experience--it was pretty low key and maybe a little foreign--but it was important to me for my kids to meet their great-grandpa and to visit my grandparents' home that holds so many childhood memories for me. Joey warmed up to grandpa very quickly and kept asking if he could tell Grandpa a secret in his ear (overheard secret: "can you come with us to Legoland, Grandpa?"). As we were loading up the kids into the car and saying goodbye, Grandpa recalled how much he loved and missed his wife. I felt tears welling up to think of how much I miss my Grandma and how much my Grandpa must miss his sweetheart of 50 years. It will be a tender reunion when they meet again. 

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