Sunday, August 2, 2015

Grover Family Vacation: the beach

We packed a picnic and headed to the beach on Sunday afternoon. We really tried to have a good time. We wanted to like it. I don't know if we're just city-folk or what, but after the novelty of the waves and sand wore off (15 minutes), the kids complained that they were cold, wet, and had sand in every bodily crevice imaginable. We huddled under our beach towels and ate crunchy sand-sandwiches, and then threw in the towel on our beach day and headed back to the hotel. A few days later, Hank asked Aaron if we could go back to the beach. Aaron flatly responded, "no." When Hank pressed further, Aaron explained that the beach, "was too sandy." I'm not giving up for good...maybe a few degrees warmer or a little less windy and our experience would have been more positive. 

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