Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of School!

The first day of school calls for a breakfast of cinnamon rolls served on the Special Day Plate! The boys rolled out of bed all dressed and ready to in, Hank literally slept in his school clothes. 

I usually roll my eyes at moms who do things like this, but I made first-day-of-school banana bread gifts for the boys' teachers because I guess I'm feeling grateful that they've prepared and worked so hard to make this year special for my kids.
No nerves for these two. They were all smiles to return to school and catch up with their friends. Aaron reprimanded me for allowing them to dress themselves as they wished, but I am ok with it--if wearing all their favorite clothes all at once makes them feel confident, then so be it. They looked...colorful! 

It feels bittersweet to me because I genuinely do miss their company when they're gone, but I'm also excited for all the fun things they'll get to do at school this year. 
Happy First Day of 4th and 1st grade to my handsome boys!

Updated: Hank and Max came home from school feeling tired, but happy. Max was excited to have found some of his baseball buddies on the playground but was a little flummoxed about buying his milk in the cafeteria. Hank felt pretty pleased with being an "upperclassmen" and enjoyed seeing friends from past grades. It was a good first day! 

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