Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rollercoaster named Rocky

My mommy heart has been feeling extra tender lately as Rocky has undergone some stressful testing for a couple seizures. To rewind, just before Christmas, Rocky spontaneously had a seizure while I was at the church building for an exercise class. It was a very traumatic experience: Rocky was convulsing and unconscious, 911 was called and dispatched an ambulance and fire truck, and we anxiously waited results of the CT scan at the emergency room. When everything checked out, we said our prayers of thanks and put the whole ordeal behind us. Then, about six weeks later, Rocky had a second seizure episode. This time we bypassed the emergency room and got fast tracked to the neurologist. I'm grateful that the doctor has been so thorough, ordering an immediate EEG and scheduling an MRI for added measure, but it's heart wrenching to watch my poor baby get poked with IVs and get put under sedation. After running the full gammit of tests, we don't have any answers about what caused Rocky's seizures, but I'm feeling very relieved and grateful that there weren't any negative findings--we'll just cross our fingers his seizures don't return. 

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