Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girl's Weekend

I have the best husband. You know how I know? He took off work early, stuffed $100 cash in my purse, and kissed me goodbye so that I could enjoy a weekend in the city with my girlfriends. And in just a short time apart, I realized how amazing it feels to have a partner who just GETS me. 

The seven of us kicked off the weekend with pedicures, and then checked into our adjoining hotel rooms. After dinner and shopping, it was an official, throwback to junior high, old-school slumber party...junk food, pajamas, and lots of laughs and tears until the wee hours. The rest of the trip was filled with gym time, yummy food, more shopping, makeovers (for real), and girl talk. I didn't realize how much my life is lacking in the girl-hood department, living with a household of boys, so it was quite refreshing and enlightening to connect with my sweet friends and reconnect with my own girly side.

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