Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day of Love

If there was a fire and I only had time to grab one thing, I'd grab my blog books (after my children were all taken to safety, of course). Our blog books are our family photo album and family journal all in one. So you can imagine my sorrow at losing a month's worth of pictures that were stored on my phone when Rocky gave my phone a bath in the sink and all of my saved phones died a watery death. Thankfully, we had backed up my pictures in January and I've imported the few photos that Aaron had taken to fill in the missing gaps, but I'm still very heartbroken about those memories that I have no way to get back or preserve.

So, because my photos of Valentine's Day drowned, I don't have a picture of our sweet Valentine's Day morning: red table cloth, heart goblets, window clings, a box of chocolates at each place setting, and a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. 

Nothing says romance quite like Monster Trucks and pizza, right? I mean, if you're going to celebrate a day of love with your five boys, you may as well go all in and do boy stuff...the pink flowers and hearts seem a little out of place on this crowd. So, while Aaron took Hank, Max, and Joey to the Monster Trucks, I took Ben (and his sensitive ears) and Rocky to the farm for pony rides. Afterwards we all met up for pizza and called it good. It wasn't the most conventional Valentine's Day, but we definitely have and celebrated love so that's what matters most. 

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