Friday, March 27, 2015


When your child's third grade teacher sends home an assignment to use household materials to create an invention to insulate an egg from breaking when dropped off the roof, the teacher has to know that the completion of the project falls squarely on the shoulders of the parent, right?! Because it does. It's mom homework! The running around to gather necessary materials, the conception of the idea, and the construction of the project itself is all taken care of behind the scenes on my free time so that I can facilitate this great, immediate gratification learning experience. Such is motherhood for you. Anywho, I happen to love these kinds of things so it was actually really fun to work together with Hank to come up with a bubble-wrapped egg inside a formula canister, attached to a tablecloth parachute. 

My advice for the future would be to remove the parachute from the canister prior to dropping it from the roof:/
While Hank and I worked on Project Egg Drop, Aaron and Max built a homemade kite for Max's class project. Kindergarten "wind day" didn't turn out to be very windy, so the kite didn't exactly get airborne, but it fluttered around a little and looked pretty cool! 

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