Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunday Drive

Growing up, I would complain from the backseat about being bored every Sunday afternoon when my parents piled everyone in the car for an aimless "Sunday drive." My mom would respond to my whining by suggesting that I "enjoy the scenery." I remember glancing out the window at the passing landscape and retorting to my mom that, "a tree is a tree." Well, fast forward a few years (...or decades), and wouldn't you know, it is now I that begs every Sunday afternoon for Aaron to take me (and, in yet another great turn of the tables, our less than enthusiastic children) on a Sunday drive? Several weeks back our Sunday drive led us through American Fork canyon to the Tibble Creek reservoir and I just soaked in the beautiful scenery surrounding us. The highlight of the excursion was walking down to the reservoir and letting the boys attempt to skip rocks across the water.

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