Monday, May 26, 2014

No More Preschool!

It's hard to believe how much Max and Ben have each learned in preschool this year. At the beginning of preschool last fall, Ben was just beginning to speak and he was very tentative outside our home. In just one school year, Ben is now talking in full sentences, counts to about 23, knows his colors, days of the week, and months of the year, and is becoming independent and more and more confident in new environments. Max really surprised me by deciding he was ready to read! Max just breezed through preschool and went straight to sight words and then on to reading real books! He is definitely ready for kindergarten in the fall.

Benny was acting a bit sensitive on the morning of his preschool program, so he didn't participate much in the songs and felt more comfortable snuggling with Dad, but he loved having his brothers and Nana Grover come to visit his classroom. I'm thrilled with Ben's progress in preschool this year and look forward to having Ben all to myself this summer before he goes back again for another year of preschool.

Max was basically the star of his preschool program. Each student was assigned a small part in the program (counting to 30 or signing the days of the week song, etc), but the teacher saved Max's part for the very end and had him read a book to the whole audience! Max stood up on the little stool/podium, not even nervous at all, and read his book like a champ! So proud of that boy! Kindergarten will be a piece of cake!

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