Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mom's Day

Growing up, I remember a drawer in my mom's bedside table filled with what seemed to be odds and ends and random junk: sloppy homemade cards with scribbledy crayon handwriting, polaroids of us glued onto construction paper "frames," and school projects rescued from crammed backpacks. For Mother's Day this year, as my own children presented me with their scribbledy handmade cards and fingerprint stamped keychains, I felt like those odds and ends may as well be the crown jewels. I treasure those sweet (yet comically honest and insightful) notes, cards, and's my mom treasure.

Max invited me to brunch at his preschool where he escorted me to our table where he had handmade a special placemat just for me. Then he served me mini-muffins and lemon water. Fancy! For the program, the class recited a poem and sang two songs. Finally, Max presented me with several gifts, including a salt-dough keychain with his fingerprint stamped in it, a game we played together, and a survey all about me.

The boys woke up enthusiastically on Sunday morning at 6:30 with optimistic plans to make cinnamon rolls. When Aaron determined that they didn't have the time nor the skills to whip up fresh cinnamon rolls, they settled for serving me a gourmet breakfast in bed of peanut butter and jelly. Nothing but the finest!

The Gifts:

The boys showered me with sweet gifts:

Yes sirree, I make a mean Top Ramen!

Aaron even surprised me with a thoughtful gift: a new bike to cruise in this summer!

I didn't need a special occasion, these boys make me feel pretty special to be their mom everyday.

I have no recollection of such a conversation, but Aaron remembers a time when we were dating, holding hands and walking along the beach, and I shared with him that I was unsure whether I wanted to have children. I don't remember saying those exact words, but I do remember, at age 20, foolishly thinking that if I had a family, I would be held back from following my dreams. I wanted to be a big deal. I wanted to help people and make a difference. I didn't want to be a insignificant it seemed to me then to change diapers and wipe noses all day.

I cringe to realize how very little I understood then about the sacred role of motherhood. Yes, I change diapers and wipe noses. No, it's not glamorous and prestigious. I don't wear a power suit to the office and lead presentations in the conference room. But don't be mistaken. I AM changing the world. With every bedtime story I read, with every family home evening I prepare, with every family dinner I put on the table, with every soccer game I support from the sidelines, I am most definitely changing the world.

"What happens in cradles and kitchens will prove to be more effective than what goes on in Congress." --Neal A. Maxwell

I am so grateful that Aaron took a chance on me and married me despite my foolish aspirations. I am thankful that my Father in Heaven, though prayer and life experience, has helped me to understand the value and essentialness of my calling and responsibility as a mother. I'm thankful that He saw fit to bless me with five sons...five handsome, sweet, loving, righteous sons. I'm especially thankful that He accepts my very best (when it is hardly much at all), and allows me to start over each day fresh, as I continue to learn what it means to be a mom.

Lastly, no matter how long it's been since I've left the next, no Mother's Day would be complete without an acknowledgement of my own mother's role in my development as a mother. It has been said that "life doesn't come with an instruction manual, it comes with a mother." Isn't that the truth? I would still be wondering aimlessly in life without the direction, support, guidance, and friendship of my mom. I'm also blessed to have the example of a mother-in-law who I look to in raising my own sons as she raised the finest man I know:)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Missing You Guys in Orting said...

Love this post and your insight. Yes, you are changing the world!
Thanks for the tears.
Glad your Mother's Day was special. You deserve it.
We miss your beautiful family.