Thursday, May 15, 2014

Single Mom

A few weekends ago, Aaron and several of his buddies went on their annual golf vacation to St. George. In general, my idea of a good weekend does not involve being a single mom around-the-clock, but I was determined to make the most out of the weekend, with or without Aaron. As soon as the RV pulled up and Aaron took off, the boys and I didn't waste any time feeling left behind, we headed out for pizza! That night we rode bikes and took a mini-hike up our hill until it got dark outside. The next day, I picked up the boys from the school and we hit up the farm for pony rides and cow milking. Afterwards, I treated the boys to dinner, a movie, and games. We capped off the night with an sleep-over in my bed. It was hard to feel lonely when I had so much company in my bed! The next morning I cheered Hank and Max on at the soccer games and then we enjoyed the sunshine and worked on the yard a bit until Aaron finally came home. I don't kid myself--I know my boys basically worship the ground that Aaron walks on--but I hope after our weekend together they know that mom can be fun, too...sometimes.

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