Monday, May 26, 2014

"Wook, Mom!"

As we were cleaning up dinner one evening, and Joey had just accused me of being rude for some perceived offence, Aaron asked me in complete seriousness if there was any way that Joey could have been switched at the hospital. The funny thing is, I had asked myself the same thing a time or two and so instead of laughing off such an absurd question, I actually contemplated it for a moment! Don't get me wrong, we love Joey to bits and bits but in some ways he doesn't seem to fit the cookie cutter mold of our family: 1. his blond hair sticks out like a sore thumb in our family of brown locks, and 2. he is so verbal and precocious that, at 2, I'm pretty sure he is already smarter than I am. Joey is constantly getting himself into mischief (see photo below) or demanding that I "Wa-shis, Mom. Wa-shis!" I love my little one of a kind, fair-haired, smarty-pants boy.

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