Thursday, May 15, 2014

Track Star

Hank started track earlier this month and has been working so hard in practice, running sprints and relays, working on his fosberry flop form on the high jump, and practicing his distance in the long jump. As I watched Hank from the stands during his first two track meets, I couldn't help but feel pride when he raced through the finish line in first place in each of his races. He's fast! But honestly, I would have been just as proud of him if he had finished dead last because I saw in Hank something far more admirable than speed. When the official shot the starting gun, Hank took off and I noticed a look in his eye...focus, determination, EFFORT...that filled my heart with pride, to the point that I almost felt a little teary. He pushed himself. He ran his little heart out when I know he was fatigued. He tried his very, very best. And those are the qualities that make me so proud of that little boy. Whether or not he ever runs another track event, I know that those hard working traits will carry him far in anything he chooses to pursue.

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