Thursday, June 12, 2014

School Is Out for the Summer!

Our good friends invited us over for an official "School is Out" party, complete with water balloons, homemade gak, sprinklers, and loads of junk food.

Next up was our neighborhood's second annual shaving cream fight. I don't get it; it seems weird to me. But, Hank and Max had a blast and ended up covered with shaving cream in every I guess it was a success?!

Hank brought home a straight 4s report card (the equivalent of all As), so we gave him the privilege of selecting our dinner out that night.

Hank's choice? Pizza Pie Cafe aka the Chuck-A-Rama of pizza. The cutlery was dingy, the food was bland, and the space was packed, but I guess I shouldn't knock it since I'm sure I'll be singing the praises of buffet prices with my five boys in the years to come.

For dessert we enjoyed our first shaved ice of the summer. At only $.50 a cup, we can treat the whole family for $ THAT is a value!

Finally, Aaron won (if that's how you choose to look at it) the coin toss and took Hank and Max to a dusk showing of a Disney movie at our neighborhood's own little movie screen/bed sheet.

I feel like I set the bar way too high for the kids' summertime expectations with our Last Day of School day of celebration. As much as I love to party, play, and eat junk food, I don't want to give the kids the impression that I will be manufacturing non-stop, structured activities all summer long. Fair warning boys: along with ridiculous amounts of summertime fun, there will also be chores (that's right!), homework (oh yeah!), and plenty of days spent doing nothing that involves getting dressed or being productive. Such is the beauty of lazy, wonderful summertime.

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