Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Birthday Boy!

For as many things as I do wrong as a mother, I feel like I'm really doing something right with our family birthday tradition. Instead of all of the ridiculous, keeping-up-with-the-jones' kids birthday parties with junky treat bags and themed decorations that are entirely lost on the guest of honor, we have created a birthday tradition that creates a lasting, family-centered half the cost and zero clean-up no less! So, as per tradition, we packed our bags (or laundry baskets as the case may be) and stocked up on pizza and junk food and headed to a hotel for a night of swimming and late night movie watching.

After another round of swimming at the hotel pool, we went to Cowabunga Bay for more swimming fun! We really could stay at that place all day...and we did! I had to drag the boys out of the water after spending six hours at the water park so we could make it back home for cake and ice cream.

I guess it's a small step up from last year's birthday request of boxed Macaroni...this year Hank requested pancakes for his birthday dinner.

In addition to the Legos and baseball cards Hank asked for, Hank was also given his own set of scriptures engraved with his name on the cover, a scout manual and scout uniform, and a skateboard.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Hanky-boy!

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