Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break

Since we're leaving in the morning on vacation, I didn't feel a huge need to knock myself out entertaining the kids this week over Spring Break, but we did keep ourselves occupied with a visit to the Dinosaur Museum, trips to the park, a sleepover and bike ride at Nana Grover's house, late nights playing family games (unfortunately no corresponding sleeping-in in this family of early risers), afternoons playing outside with friends, a family picnic, and I even bent my own limited screen time rule and allowed some movie watching once or twice.

Dinosaur Museum:

We drive by the dinosaur museum multiple times each day and EVERYtime, Joey points at the big dinosaur on the outside of the building and yells, "rrrrooaarr!" He was pretty excited when we I took the boys to visit the museum and he got to see real (fossil) dinosaurs.

While Hank, Max, and Joey played in the sand and water table, building dams and excavating fossils, Ben discovered how to take a "selfie:"


It even got warm enough one day this week to bust out the boys' shorts and spend the morning playing at our beloved park!

I thought Rocky might be ready to give the swing a try, but he was still a little to tipsy to enjoy it. We'll try it again soon.

Bike Ride:

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