Monday, April 7, 2014

Joey is 2!

Fun Things About Joey:

- Joey is my best book reader. He loves to read stories while I feed Rocky and before bedtime. His favorite book is The Little Blue Truck.
- Joey is a peacemaker. Big brother Ben is very possessive over certain toys and rather than snatch Ben's toys and yell, "mine!" like most 2 year-olds would, Joey voluntarily returns the toy to avoid a battle.
- I call Joey my "wild card." While he still carries his brothers' trademark ears and signature big bottom lip, he has his own little look about him with his fair hair.
- Joey is such a smarty! He is a little talking jabberbox and loves to mimick his brothers.
- He gets super excited anytime we see a construction vehicle, train, or airplane.
- Joey loves to be outside and will sneak out the door if I don't keep the doors locked.
- I like to call Joey "Speedy" because when he runs he shuffles his little feet close together and picks up speed fast.
- One of our favorite nicknames for Joey is "Joebot" because he's just like a little wind-up robot.
- Joey can count to ten and sing his ABCs, but he doesn't really care for music and singing.
- If you want to make Joey mad, all you have to do is say the words, "Momma help you." He is very independent and gets upset anytime assistance is offered.
- Joey's favorite thing to eat is meat and fruit.

Joey spices up our family with his playful, rascally, and precocious little personality. He holds a tough spot in our family by following up Ben and having baby Rocky coming up from behind close on his heels...its easy for Joey to get overshadowed by Ben's needs and the special attention given to the baby. Sometimes I will literally go upstairs late at night, pick up Joey from his crib where he lay asleep, hold him close against my chest, and rock him in the rocking chair. While I hold his little sleeping body in a chest to chest hug, I try to somehow transfer all of the love that fills my heart to the brim to his little heart. We rock, and my heart speaks to his, and I tell him how special and loved he is. I love you precious boy!

Joey's special day started with a birthday breakfast of two of his favorites: bacon and strawberries (as well as waffles that he mostly ignored).

A friend of mine offered to make this fabulous birthday cake for the boys:

After pizza and cake, Joey opened a few for his sandbox!

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