Monday, April 7, 2014

Ben is 4!

Fun Things About Ben:

- Ben's favorite things to eat are Fruit Loops, chicken nuggets and french fries, cool ranch Doritos, and M&Ms.
- Ben loves to sing primary songs and has a pitch perfect voice. His favorite song is the "ding-dong" song, aka "In a Little Manger."
- Ben gives a "thumbs up" by pointing with one index finger and expresses the sign for "I love you" by holding up two fingers in a "peace" sign. Always makes me smile.
- He drinks a concoction of almond milk, prune juice, and multivitamin...and likes it!
- Ben is obsessed with collections and containers of all kinds, but his favorite thing to play with are Legos.
- Ben likes to play at the park on a warm day, but he doesn't do wind. Period.
- Ben has the best dimpled smile and gleeful laugh!
- Although the transitions took some time, Ben loves his preschool class and Sunbeam class. He is the favorite of all of his teachers.
- Ben is very possessive about his collections and will hit or push if he feels his collections are being threatened. We're working on this;)
- Ben ASKS to go to bed as early as 6:30 every night. We usually try to hold him off until 7:30, and then he happily goes to bed. If he has a bad dream during the night, or just gets the inclination, he brings his pillow and his blanket and comes downstairs to sleep between Mom and Dad. Although he complains about being squished, I'm pretty sure Aaron secretly loves snuggling with Ben all night.

It's no secret that Benny has us all wrapped around his little finger. His smile is irresistible, his laugh is infectious, and his spirit is radiant. I trust Ben's judgment of character implicitly...he tends to attract the love an attention of random strangers he comes into contact with; I know I can trust those people who recognize his light. Ben is a gift. I marvel at my great fortune to be his mother, receive daily inspiration on his behalf, and witness the workings of the Savior in us both. I love you, Benny!

After his breakfast of choice of Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs, I took Benny to his one of his new favorite places: the farm. Ben enjoys riding the horses at the farm so much that we decided to enroll Ben in horse riding lessons.

After lunch and a short nap, we met Mindy and cousins at Jump on It for some trampoline bouncing fun. I can't figure out why Ben was all sweaty when I was the one holding his 48lb body while we jumped together!

Nana and Papa Grover joined us for dinner at Red Robin at Ben's request. After eating a dinner of mainly french fries, Ben ate his special birthday treat, M&M cookies.

More Legos!

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