Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Half-Birthday!

I literally can NOT get enough of this boy. I just hold him, and squeeze him, and carry him, and kiss him, and make silly faces to illicit his smiles all day long and it NEVER gets old. I am just positively smitten with him.

Fun Things About Rocky:

- Rocky weighs 18lbs 14oz (77%) and is 28" long (95%)
- No teeth yet, just slobbery gums. Rocky doesn't take a binky, but he likes to chew on his index finger.
- Rocky seems pretty even-tempered. It takes some effort to get a full on laugh out of him, although he is very quick to give his open-mouth smile, usually he just makes a grunty, "huh!" noise instead of a belly laugh. But, by the same token, he doesn't usually work up to a rolling boil cry either, just a fussy, "mmmm!mmmm!"
- Rocky is sitting for brief periods (but tips here and there) and rolling from side to side and likes to contort himself and twist around on the floor.
- Rocky loves to jump and bounce.
- He hasn't developed much of a taste for baby food, but that could be because he gets fed food from my plate at meal times and seems to prefer real food. I'm ok with that!

Love him!

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