Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too Much Play

My Mom's motto for raising my brother growing up was always, "a tired boy is a good boy." Sorry Mom, I'm going to have to prove you wrong--a tired boy is not a good boy, a tired boy is a very grouchy, very naughty boy!

Summer has only just begun, but these boys have been playing's nothing but bike rides in the morning, picnics at the park, and lots of playing outside with friends all afternoon. So much playing can be a lot of work! The other day, Hank and Max came inside after playing basketball outside with friends, and I tried to transition them from play time to homework time (yep, it's summer but their brains need exercise, too!), and it was not a well-received idea. Max called names, talked back, and threw a little fit. I knew he was acting up because he was tired, but couldn't convince him to lay down to rest. Finally, I had no choice but to send him to time out. Three minutes later, I go to his timeout spot to recap the episode with him, and find him laying on the floor, asleep! After I carried him to bed and he slept for an hour or two, he was good as new!

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