Thursday, June 13, 2013

Partying Like Rockstars

I'm not going to lie, when Hank decided that he'd rather spend his birthday celebrating with our family overnight at a hotel instead of throwing a silly friend party, I was a little bit, okay a lot a bit, relieved. No work for me! We partied like rockstars: we trashed our hotel room with pop cans and candy-wrappers, left our wet pool towels on the floor, messed up the beds watching a late movie...and let someone else clean up the mess! Best. Idea. Ever!

Aaron and I couldn't resist and spoiled Hank with a surprise day at Cowabunga Bay before heading to the hotel for a night of junk food, movie watching, and more swimming. The boys LOVED the water park. As in, couldn't get enough, never slowed down, and had to be dragged out of the water when it was time to go. So much fun! Such a perfect day!

Sidenote: I bake after-school cookies, I kick the soccer ball and play catch with the baseball, I'm pretty good at hide and seek, and I'll even participate in a nerf gun fight now and then. I'd say I'm a pretty fun mom. So, I refuse to feel guilty about not being a water-slide mom. Sorry. It's not my thing. I went down a couple of slides with the boys to be a good sport but when I nearly lost my swimsuit bottoms in the process, I decided I'd leave the boys to the slides and stick to what I do best: soaking up the sun from my beach chair. Luckily they have a water-slide Dad. Go Aaron! 

After a full day at the water park, we checked in at the hotel, cleaned up, and then had dinner at In 'N Out. The boys picked out a few treats at the grocery store to enjoy with our movie, and then it was lights out.
The end!

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