Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Boy

Hank started planning his birthday party about 11 months ago and boy did he come up with some very creative, and expensive, celebration ideas. I hate to be the party-pooper, but I had to dash some of Hank's birthday delusions--both for budgetary reasons and simply to keep things at an appropriate scale--and made him choose between having a birthday party with friends or having our own family celebration. Hank considered both options, and decided he'd like to have a family birthday party. Yes! I just might be doing something right--my kid chose to spend quality time with his family over a silly, useless friend party! I would gladly spend a little money in order to create a lasting memory with our family instead of blowing a bunch of money on junky goody bags and frivolous decorations that just end up in the trash. Don't worry, just because I didn't sculpt a giant Ninjago figure made from cake or decorate my themed dessert bar with origami tissue paper, I made sure that Hank felt extra special and extra loved on his birthday.

Hank woke up on his birthday to a door decorated with  7 handwritten birthday notes from Dad. 

If I think about how much junk Hank ate on his birthday I feel a little queezy. For breakfast, Hank ate this entire donut!

Aaron and I really didn't buy Hank any toys this year, just one bigger gift. So, I thought it would be fun for Hank to use a giftcard to pick out a toy of his choice at Target. I think half of the fun was in shopping and considering his choices. In the end, he chose a Hot Wheels wall track race track. 
Hank's choice for lunch? Where else? Mickey D's, of course. 
After lunch, it was popcorn, icecream, and candy with Nana Grover at the  movie theater.
The birthday boy chose a dinner of macaroni  and french bread....mmmm! He helped decorate a giant cookie dessert. 

It took Dad awhile to get Hank's birthday present assembled, but  I think it was a hit--Hank , and the rest of the neighborhood kids, are having lots of fun shooting hoops on Hank's new basketball hoop. 

7 Things I Love About My Hanky-Boy:

* He can be super sweet with his little brothers. Hank was given the assignment of being Ben's "buddy" and is super helpful. Hank helps Ben get buckled in his carseat, helps Ben put on his shoes, and holds Ben's hand in the parking lot. Best of all, Hank uses the sweetest voice while he's helping Benny and is very loving and patient with his little brothers.

* Hank is smart. He has an unbelievable memory....not so much at remembering where he left his baseball glove type memory, but awesome at remembering small details and parts of conversations. He picks up on things super quick and is great at math and reading. It's no secret that I stink at directions--luckily Hank inherited his dad's sense of directions and usually knows how to get me un-lost.

* Hank is a clone of his dad. If Dad likes the Mariners, Hank likes the Mariners. If Dad likes BYU, Hank likes BYU. If Dad thinks it's cool, Hank thinks it's cool. Often, Hank will ask Aaron a question that begins with, "Dad, do we like...?"

* Hank is a natural leader. Aside from being the big brother to almost 4 little brothers, Hank is usually the kid that is heading up a game or organizing the group together. Other kids seem to be drawn to Hank and he makes friends easily.

* Hank is very affectionate. He still likes to cuddle together, gives sweet hugs and kisses, will hold my hand and tells me at random that he loves me. I love you too, Hanky!

* Hank is a planner. That's my boy! First thing in the morning, Hank likes to know what is on the agenda for the day. He likes it when I write his chores down in a list so that he knows exactly what he has to do. Often, when I explain something that needs to take place, he will tell me each step of what we need to do: "okay, first we need to..."

* Hank is full of energy, always ready to play. If I didn't give him an alarm clock and instruct him not to come out of his room before 7, Hank would be up with the sun, dressed and ready to play. He never naps or slows down, and never really seems affected by tiring activities. Hank can stay up late without much grumpiness, and would doesn't seem to require much sleep. In the morning, Hank is ready to go, up for more play!

Happy Birthday, Hank! I love you bunches and bunches!

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