Thursday, June 6, 2013

Incidental Blessings

We have been inching our way through the scriptures--ten verses each night--for the past I don't know how long now. Whether our scripture reading has created blessings and benefits for our family--the development of a love of scripture reading, a peaceful spirit within our home, a tradition of family unity and cohesion--I don't know. But there is one miraculous blessing that I am sure has come as the direct result of our nightly family scripture study. Just by repeating out loud a single verse whispered into his ear each night, Ben's speech has grown immeasurably. I've noticed a direct correlation between the nights we consistently hold family scripture study and Ben's sudden acquisition of two and three word phrases, like "my turn," and "yes, Mom (a favorite of mine to hear)." I'm just blown away by the new words and phrases that Ben is using each day, pointing to saying, "bus," and "bird" and I'm certain these new developments are the result of our efforts each night to read, learn, and study the scriptures together.

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