Sunday, May 12, 2013

Those People

Not many years ago, I never would have believed that we would become those people. You know, the people that spend their entire Saturday, from sun-up until sun-down, doing nothing but yardwork. If you would have told me years ago that I would one day enjoy nothing more than spending my precious Saturday weeding my flower bed I would have laughed. But it's true! Yesterday we spent the entire day working in the yard: mowing, edging, weed-whacking, pressure washing, weeding, and fixing our fountain. We worked and worked...and loved it! As white-bread, old-fogey, suburban-ite as it sounds, there is nothing like a day of good old home just feels so satisfying and gratifying to take ownership in our property and use our own sweat and labor to improve it and beautify it.

Of course it helped that the weather was glorious and the boys all played happily outside. No, really, they did! Hank and Max wondered between our house and the neighbors' house, riding bikes, playing with squirt guns, and pitching in to pull a weed or two here and there. Give Ben a baggy of Fruit Loops and he's pretty much happy wherever he is. And, shockingly, Joey just chilled!I was convinced that Joey didn't know how to sit still, so I was surprised and pleased that he entertained himself for over an hour just hanging out in the grass.

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