Friday, May 10, 2013

down home ballgame

The other day Hank came home from school with free tickets to tonight's Utah Valley University baseball game. No, it wasn't quite like watching the Mariner's play at Safeco field, but it did meet several important criteria: 1. can't complain about free! add a sack-dinner of PB&Js, chips, and rootbeer and no one is complaining!; 2. hard to beat spending an afternoon outdoors soaking up the sun; and 3. it was super family friendly--we were the only fans in the outfield so we were able to stretch out our blanket on the grass and let the kids run about. Hank and Max found several practice balls in the outfield and even chased down a home-run ball. Ben practiced playing catch and hiding the baseball in his shirt and Joey crawled around, inspecting the grass and blanket for anything edible. What a fun, wholesome, family night!

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