Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We knew it was time to buy Hank a new pair of shoes when the sole was pulling away from the upper part of the shoe, the sole itself was traction-less, and his little toes crammed into the toe-box. What I wasn't expecting was for Hank to have any opinions about the purchase of his replacement shoes. No, sir. Hank very clearly stated that he wanted Nikes, like all the other kids in his class (as opposed to the Target clearance or Children's Place specials I usually pick up for him). Funny. He'll walk around the entire day with chocolate smeared on his face, his hair all wack-a-do with bed-head, and his shirt on backwards without a care in the world--even when these things are brought to his attention!--yet, he felt having Nike shoes was extremely important. Hank's pleadings struck a chord with Aaron, who still carries insecurities about not having the "name brand" shoes from his own childhood, and off we went to buy Hank some Nikes! Anyways, the point of this long explanation about Hank's new shoes is that I felt like a mini-milestone was reached in that Hank expressed his very first fashion/self-image opinion. Not sure if I'm ready for that! Hank's second mini-milestone of the day occured when we brought those shiny new shoes home and it was time to learn how to tie the laces! It was a sweet parenting moment to sit down beside Hank and practice and practice together until he got the hang of the "bunny ear" method. He is super excited to wear his new Nikes, with self-tied laces, to school tomorrow!

Another mini-milestone happened tonight when Hank let Aaron yank his wiggley little baby tooth out! After so many big-kid milestones in one night, I was comforted that my Nike-wearing, shoe-lace-tying, baby-teeth-losing boy of mine, still went to bed with his tooth under his pillow awaiting the tooth fairy:)

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