Thursday, May 30, 2013

School is Out for the Summer!

This morning Hank finished his last day of 1st grade (with a STRAIGHT 4 report card, I might add), and we didn't waste any time celebrating the last day of school and the first day of summer vacation!

First, we stopped at the Firehouse Donut shop for a late breakfast treat--delicious!

The boys weren't super excited about going shopping, but when I explained to them why it was necessary to buy new swim trunks, they were happy to cooperate.

Sporting their new swim shorts, the boys joined the rest of the neighborhood kids at the park for a "shaving cream fight." Kind of a weird event...but super fun!

After the boys hosed themselves off, we dropped in at Aaron's office for a quick lunch run at Costco. Always love visiting my sweetheart.

The day is still young and there is more partying to be done! Hank and Max are playing with neighbor friends now while the little boys are sleeping. Next it's dinner with family and cousins at Nana Grover's house. Still to come is our traditional family meeting and Summer Bucket List planning. Ah! Only 1 day in and I am loving summer vacation!

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